The unthiking majority

We don’t need your democracy.
Execute them kindly for me.
Take them by their filthy nostrils
Put them up in doggy hostels.

We don’t need your hypocrisy
Execute real democracy.
Post-industrial society
The unthinking majority

Controlling tools of your system
Making life more tolerable
Making life more tolerable

Tot apropo de emisiunea de pe Antena 3 de aseara cu Cristi Neagoe si Corina Suteu.

-via Diana

2 thoughts on “The unthiking majority”

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  2. credeam ca igu si asociatii asculta doar muzica electronica…e bine ca elita ”arty -electro-advertising”si-a amintit ca exista si muzica cu un mesaj social bine definit 🙂

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