Exclusive interview with Birdy Nam Nam for feeder.ro (2008)

Exclusive interview with Birdy Nam Nam for feeder.ro (2008)

Interviu in exclusivitate cu Birdy Nam Nam

Alex Rosu a realizat pt Feeder un interviu in exclusivitate cu Birdy Nam Nam pe care ii puteti vedea pe 29 august la Arenele Romane impreuna cu Audio Bullys.


Feeder: What makes your music special?

Birdy Nam Nam: Our music is not special, it’s the way we play on a stage that’s different. We want our music to be appreciated for what it is and not for the way it’s done.


F: You work great as a team; but, are there individual musical projects each of you works on outside the group?

BNN: We would like, we’re doing a few things beside but Birdy Nam Nam is 80% of our time. The new album will be released in November and we will promote it on stage for most of 2009.

F: How did you come to work together? Give us a bit of band history.

BNN: We met during the DMC competitions and after winning the team competition in 2002 we decided to make an album using only turntables. In the beginning, we thought about doing only 1000 vinyl copies and after a few concerts, the french audience was reacting very well and finally, we toured all over the world.


F: How exactly do you create your music?

BNN: We work as a normal band each of us bringing ideas, we can start a song with a gimmick of guitar or bass or keyboard and we build the song around that. There’s not only one way to do it, it depends of inspiration. we have no limits.

F: You say about yourselves “We aren’t musicians”; so, what are you?

BNN: We are musicians but not it the common sense. we can’t read or write music but we know how to match the different sounds to create a melody without false notes


F: Do you prefer touring to working in the studio, or the other way around?

BNN: It’s two very different things. when we create music in the studio we are always very impatient to know how it would be on stage. And after 100 concerts, we want to go back to the studio to create new things. It’s a vicious circle.

F: How’s your learning to play instruments effort going? What will you use that for?

BNN: It’s important to be able to play classic instruments to enlarge the possibilities of creation.


F: If you’re to mention one great influence on your musical careers (an artist, or a technological development, or whatever), what would that be?

BNN: We all met through the hip hop culture

F: What do you guys know about Romania? Did you talk to other artists that have performed
here already?

BNN: Crazy B played in Romania with his previous band except him none of us knows Romania. We are happy to play in countries we’ve never been to.


F: What’s in store for the Bucharest concert?

BNN: Maybe you can find the first album or the live album but what we are going to play in Bucharest is only new material.


Follow Birdy Nam Nam: http://birdynamnam.com // http://facebook.com/birdynamnamofficial // http://twitter.com/BNNOfficial // https://soundcloud.com/birdy-nam-nam-official 

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