Martyn Vs TRG la BBC Radio 1


The Netherlands and Romania collide to bring the darkest dubstep, techno and D&B. Awesome!

Netherlands based Martyn & TRG from Romania deliver two killer mixes. The darkest textures effortlessly mixed to perfection.

Exclusive Mix – TRG

TRG – The Flex (Radio 1 exclusive)
TRG – Ghetto Romance (Subway)
TRG – 2084 (aka Please) (dub)
TRG – On Tour (dub)
DLX – Matter Of Fact (Breakage Relatively Speaking Remix)
Tayo – Marh of the Soundbwoyz (TRG Remix) (Cool & Deadly)
TRG – Everything We Stand For (Cool & Deadly)
TRG – Surreal (5AM Mix)
TRG – They Know (Berlin Wall VIP)
TRG – Put You Down (Dirty Sonix Remix)

Listen to the show

– via thaos

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