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auditie spectacol teatru si miscare dupa motive din
“Imparatul Mustelor” de W. Golding

Regia >>> Javier Opazo (Chile)
Productie & Location > Fabrica
Organizare & more >> Alexandru Mihaescu

In data de 7 iunie incepand cu ora 11:00 va avea loc la Centrul National al Dansului Bucuresti o auditie pentru spectacolul PULSE.

Actorii si dansatorii care doresc sa participe la auditie sunt invitati sa trimita un mesaj de inscriere insotit de un CV pe adresa europeiseast@gmail.com

Conditii: experienta anterioara in teatru si/sau dans, capacitatea de a improviza cu usurinta si de a contribui creativ la dezvoltarea spectacolului, interes pentru experiment, miscare, interdisciplinaritate, rezistenta la conditii grele. Limita de varsta: 35 de ani, exceptiile sunt binevenite. Limba de lucru: engleza.

Artistii selectati trebuie sa fie disponibili pentru a lucra in Bucuresti in perioada: 16 iunie – 3 august 2008, de a relua spectacolul in toamna anului 2008 si a-l juca la Fabrica si in deplasari in stagiunea ce urmeaza.

Artistilor participanti la proiect li se ofera numai plata per spectacol !!!

Informatii suplimentare: tel. 0770169784

Sustinatori&parteneri (pana in prezent): CNDB // Ambasada Germaniei la Bucuresti // TFF // Green Hours // Librariile Carturesti // Asociatia “Macaz”

The play PULSE was created out of a personal search for a basic concept of violence inherent in humanity. The play tells the story of a group of young people who survived a catastrophe and decided to form a free social system. To achieve their goal they go through a series of extreme situations. However, they only achieve to repeat the things they had already learned before the catastrophe. The play will combine elements of dance, theater and movement as means for the actor’s self-expression and for enriching his role. The concept used will be dialectic theatre. Therefore, the actor will develop global themes while specific moods will be created on stage via digital technology. The actor’s work includes the following elements:
bodytraining, shamanism movements from SouthAmerica, contact workout, acrobatics and groupwork, training of action and reaction, improvisation, technics with masks and nosemasks, creation and development of scenes.

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