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The Amsterdams – Automatic EP

The Amsterdams

Debut video directed by themselves

FIRE CLUB – 28th MAY 2008
Sneakers and striped T-Shirts: there’s some hard strumming going on in the garages of Bucharest.
These kids from Romania are highly strung. Thick guitar riffs, each song bringing a darker
atmosphere. The Amsterdams are worthy symbols of a spirited, tortured rock scene.”

– EuropaVox 2008
“With indie becoming the sound of modern pop, the kind of thing that even your granny could tap her
foot along to, The Amsterdams look perfectly placed to become a genuinely successful act.”

– ELLE Magazine
On May 28th One Music will release The Amsterdams’ debut EP ‘AUTOMATIC‘.

The Amsterdams are the next big thing to hit the local and European ‘alternative’ rock scene and
probably, by the end of 2008, the most important Romanian rock export, ever.
Members Andrei Hategan, Ovidiu Bejan, Augustin Nicolae, Andrei Ungureanu and Paul Ballo play
their first ever European dates at Club Fandango, in London’s legendary club The Dublin Castle on
the 3rd of June and kicking off at EuropaVox Festival 2008, on the 5th of June in Clermont-Ferrand,
Already hailed as ‘Ones to Watch’ by the head of London’s icon label Fierce Panda (where names
like Coldplay, Supergrass or Keane debuted), Simon Fierce. The Ams have been likened to indie
legends such as Joy Division, Interpol or Arcade Fire, and these guys definitely have the attitude
and balls to go all the way.
Most importantly, the staple of all of their live performances is brilliant rock ‘n’ roll music: as thrillingly
aggressive as Arctic Monkeys and as anthemic and raw as the Editors’ first LP, coupled with the
groove of Franz Ferdinand, this is a band that will remind you why you fell in love with rock ‘n’ roll.
The EP was produced by the band recorded by Alecs Redes at ISV Studio, mixed at Raza Studio by
Alex Dragomir and mastered by Cristian Mike Sugar at CMS-Lab in Bucharest.
1. She’s Automatic
2. Petrolize All Mice
3. Lights Out
4. Suffering And Surfing
The video for ‘Petrolize All Mice’ was shot at the band’s rehearsal room in two hours and directed
by the guys themselves. The full production time for this video was no more than eight hours.
‘Automatic EP’ will be available in a limited edition run of 500 copies, the first 100 will be
handnumbered and will include all the lyrics and be signed by the guys.
THE AMSTERDAMS are: Andrei Hategan (vocals, keys), Ovidiu Bejan (guitar, keys & vocals),
Augustin Nicolae (bass), Andrei Ungureanu (guitar) & Paul Ballo (drums).

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