EmeeGrant sambata @ Embryo

EmeeGrant (easymoods / rodon fm / graz, austria) 23.02.2008 Embryo

EmeeGrant is the founder and mastermind of “easymoods”,a cultural organisation and a record label based in Graz, Austria and represented on three continents. He dedicates a big part of his work for supporting, promoting and interlinking of gifted musicians around the austrian scene. His DJ sets are a mix of various styles such as Dub, Big Beat, Nu-Jazz, Breaks, Mashups, Afro-Beats, Minimal, Cosmic Disco and Rare Grooves, causing damage on the dancefloors of different venues around the world. He’s also working as a radio producer, hosting a weekly radio show on Rodon FM, Greece and having lots of guest appearences on Radio FM4, Vienna (Liquid Radio, Digital Konfusion Mix Show, Swound Sound System).


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