Meet your Meat

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  1. Well… I see a different approach now.

    I understand now that you do not believe that a such issue, like violent treatment towards animals with no reason while animal rights should be respected, needs to be discussed under an emotional influence…?

    If so, then you are being very right, koz any topic of this kind shouldn’t be discussed under emotional influence.

    An even so, I do have big doubts about people that claim they have big heart trough their civic actions, while they consider that some beings are idiot and deserve a violent treatment.

    ** I mention the fact that I am not a vegetarian and that I am a moderate ecologist. I do not treat this topic emotionally. And about voluntary work… 7 years already.

    Maybe you are interested to see the hole movie. Maybe you will get the big picture this time:

    And of not, then have fun watching it…

    For the others…. be careful, explicit violence!


  2. Tom Wilson (a-fucking-gain)

    Erm, it’s not the message I’m disagreeing with: eating meat isn’t a good idea, fact. It’s the medium: the film sentimentalises a complex issue. And, for the record, it IS like that. 9-year old children deserve our compassion more than chickens.

    (BTW, Gerorgia, I don’t want to get all self-righteous, but these fragile legs of mine worked as a volunteer for Save the Children in Romania, and Oxfam in the UK for many years. Touche!)

  3. @ Tom Wilson – this type of movies do not exclude the topic of the 9 year old labor abused children!!!
    Is not like: this is more important, that less important.
    Different issues, different ways of aproaching them.
    And I bet you would never do a concrete action to do something regarding the abused children in Asia, Romania or anywhere in the world.

    But, like many others, you just enjoy this type of hypocrite speech.
    And all this having no idea about human rights, as well as animal rights.

    Good luck dude!!! And watch your fragile legs too! You never know when a stronger human might consider that you deserve it 🙂


  4. igu, e un film destul de crud dpdv vizual, asa ca era bine sa pui si tu un mic text insotitor in care sa avertizezi cititorii despre continutul barbar pe care il contine…ca doar asa e deontologic…

  5. it’s about how healthy is the meat you eat and not how entertained it was. the main concern, beyond animal abuse, should be you. you’re eating those lab creatures, aren’t you?
    as a plus, if more people would treat themselves better, less animals would be killed.
    it’s that simple.

  6. It gets better: “The chickens are snapped into shackles by their fragile legs!” Oh! Their fragile legs! This stuff is beyond parody…

  7. “Chickens are probably the most abused animals on the whole planet”. Good. They’re fucking idiot CHICKENS, they deserve it. Show me a film about 9 year old boys forced to make Nike footwear, and then you get my compassion.

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