Coke + Faithless

Coke + Faithless

– via crissy moran

1 thought on “Coke + Faithless”

  1. “Faithless were happy to contribute their song as it is part of a unique artistic collaboration.” Oh good! For a moment I had the impression that Faithless were a bunch of COMPLETE FUCKING USELESS SELL-OUTS who market their music as being self-consciously “alternative” while bumming up to one of the most reviled multinational corporations, well known for denying their workers basic union rights, exploiting developing markets, abusing water resources in poor countries etc etc etc etc. [“4,000 people in the port area of Apapa, many of them poor and illiterate, believe that a local bottling plant has stolen their livelihoods. A lawsuit is planned accusing the company of polluting a lagoon by pumping untreated waste into the water and killing fish.”] Good work, Faithless!

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