Interviu in exclusivitate cu Yonderboi

Interviu acordat de Yonderboi in exclusivitate pentru
Pe Yonderboi o sa aveti ocazia sa-l vedeti pe 29 iunie la BESTIVAL.

Feeder: On, your music style is described as “bio-electro/ nu-school trip hop/ satan-tango”. What does “satan-tango” mean?

Yonderboi: Well, actually on myspace you can’t use music style descriptions that was found out by yourself, you can only choose amongst fixed cathegories. I was quite surprised when I’v found out and pissed me off. Though I could cheat the system a bit by writing these ridiculous styles of mine as headline. And what I’d like to communicate with these, that I think time is over for stupid cathegories and strict styles. Nowaday’s music scene is so fragmented, it’s very sad. If art and music is of service to anything at all, then it’s definately not to ghettotize the audience in strict boxes. Creating should be about finding and showing connection between things and to destroy boundaries. By the way Satantango is the title of a hungarian film directed by Bela Tarr.

F: The guys from Subscribe, also Hungarians, are very popular on the Romanian rock scene. We haven’t heard that much of you. Why is that?

Y: If I could answer a question like this, then I would be a very smart person. We are looking forward to the concert on Bestival a lot, because we don’t know many things about the Romanian scene either. But I’v already heard good things from my friends who recently had theatre performances in Bucharest.

F: What inspires you in creating your music?

Y: Inspiration can be more or less anything that happens to me. Dreams, films, my private life, weather etc. But inspiration is one thing, realizing the ideas is sometimes harder. The big challenge in today’s musicmaking is to rule both technical skills and emotional content.

F: Which are the artists you’re proud you performed with on the same stage?

Y: Fink, Mad Professor, Depeche Mode, The Herbaliser, Placebo, Gotan Project, Neneh Cherry… I’m shure I’v forgot someone.

F: Your most recent single “People Always Talk About the Weather” was chosen as theme for computer game “Need for Speed: Carbon”. What did it mean for you?

Y: I’m not a big gamer right now, but it wasn’t always like that… I still remember my teeneger years when I played a lot with computer games, amongst the others the very early version of Need for Speed. So it’s definately an honour to participate games like this. Recently an other song, Follow me Home featured Test Drive Unlimited. Although I don’t even have a driving licence, seems like my music is somehow connected to driving.

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