skdj’s si djahz @ LOGGIA 14 & 15 aprilie

sambata 14 apr – skdj’s (sergei & koshimin)
duminica 15 apr – djahz

10 thoughts on “skdj’s si djahz @ LOGGIA 14 & 15 aprilie”

  1. Lasa ca merge perfect cu Loggia..:D

    “Although every care has been taken to carefully space and kern the Zapfino characters, and most variants can be freely mixed, some combinations of letters inevitably look better than others. Take the time to choose variants that will create pleasing word shapes and, in particular, beware of colliding descenders.”

  2. Asta pentru a exprima muzica de vis pe care o pun.

    That`s Zapfino; the 20th century’s greatest calligrapher-type designer, Hermann Zapf, worked with David Siegel and Linotype Library to create Zapfino, the most versatile calligraphic font ever.


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