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Mo Morris (“A Mountain Of One”) London, UK
Tom Wilson

Sambata 3


Saturday we have a very special guest, none other than Mr Mo Morris. He’s currently causing a big stir with his psychedelic-cosmic-disco-rock sound, and is also the man behind the legendary (and for once I’m not using the word in a completely inappropriate manner) club night “Electric Stew”. But don’t take my word for it – here’s what people have been muttering about him:

/”Statuesque and epic- Big things to come… The sound of England dreaming.”
*i-D Magazine*

“A //Mountain// Of //One//’s début really is quite special… This is gonna get a lot of people talking. Essential.” (‘Record of the week’) *Rough Trade Records, */*/London/*/

/”You’ll fall in love with A //Mountain// Of //One// – these already sound like Balearic classics.”
*Vice Magazine*/

Blimey! I’d better try not to embarrass myself when performing support duties, alongside DJ Logan. I’ll probably be so focused on not making a willy of myself that I’ll inadvertently play ‘The Birdie Song’, or ‘Ag-ah-do’ accidentally at the peak of the night….

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