TRG – Mr. Right/ My Tomorrow – Strictly Digital

Primul release TRG pe 2007, un single digital la labelul legendarului Nookie, Strictly Digital.
TRG – Mr. Right
TRG – My Tomorrow

Piesele sunt disponibile atat la Strictly Digital, cat si in magazinul iTunes.
Aici mai gasiti releasuri de la artisti ca Nookie, BluMarTen, Brooklyn, ElectroSoulSystem, Stunna, Kubatko si multi altii.
Quite happy here, hope you like them too :D.

2 thoughts on “TRG – Mr. Right/ My Tomorrow – Strictly Digital”

  1. plus ca saptamana aceasta va pleca la doua evenimente in barcelona unde pe 17 si 20 Mr. TRG will spinn za shitt !
    respekt bro , keep it up !


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