Alien Pimp in Mixmag

In numarul pe ianuarie va aparea urmatoarea cronica la release-ul Alien Pimp pt DubKraft Records, care e sora digitala a lui SoundKraft Records si e dedicata muzicilor deep, cu tempo mai jos (dub/dubstep/downbeat/nu-jazz etc…). Se pare ca e primul roman in Mixmag si cu siguranta e primul label romanesc acolo:

“Ka / Alien Pimp

Bad Boys Spliffin’ EP

Dubstep reaches Romania

We can forgive the slightly embarrassing cracked English title, as Romania’s first dubstep release contains some impressively tidy productions. Ka’s ‘Oil Man’ is the dubbiest, with real-sounding drums and some ringing techno chords, while Alien Pimp’s ‘Robots & Cellos’ has a gnarlier, junglist-sounding bassline and cellos playing a distinctly Eastern European-sounding melody line. It’s crunchy, high-tech stuff, and a reminder that Romania isn’t all headscarves and horse-carts.(Joe Muggs)”

Poti sa asculti si sa afli mai multe de pe

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