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PREVIEW SINGLE CHANNEL WORKS / 2002 – 2005/ from 24 february @ MNAC

The MNAC mediatheque presents a selection of video works and installations from the collection of Netherlands Media Art Institute/ Montevideo Time Based Arts

Artists: Jeroen Kooijmans & Roy Cerpac / Leon Grodski / A.P. Komen & Karen Murphy / Robert Hamilton / eddie d / Antonin de Bemels / Julika Rudelius / Pierre-Yves Cruaud / Ezra Eeman / Jeroen Offerman / Bas van Koolwijk / Jan van de Pavert / Shiho Kano / Seoungho Cho/ Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay /Sebastian Diaz Morales / Janet Merewether / Martijn Veldhoen / Yael Bartana / Robert Arnold / Michiel van Bakel / Bernard Gigounon/ Janneke Küpfer / Persijn Broersen & Margit Luk?cs / Bea de Visser/ Peter Bogers / Adad Hannah / Sami Kallinen / Anouk de Clercq /Jan van Nuenen / Jordan Crandall / Arno Coenen / Sterling Ruby / Martijn Veldhoen / Nicolas Provost / Christoph Draeger / reMI / Jasper van den Brink / Corinna Schnitt / Lin de Mol / Caitlin Hulscher / Sterling Ruby / Els Opsomer / Guido van der Werve / Anouk de Clercq, Joris Cool & Eavesdropper / Mike Stubbs / Ra di Martino / Jeremy Drummond / Emmanuelle Antille / Manuel Saiz / Pia Wergius /Jan de Bruin /Azorro Group / Pieter-Paul Mortier / Rob Johannesma

Since the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts was founded in 1978, it has accumulated a large collection of video and media art, which is constantly expanding due to the acquisition of new works. The collection now comprises more than a thousand works, varying from the first experiments of well-known national and international artists to recent productions from emerging talents. All tapes and installations are documented in the on-line catalogue at

MNAC, Palatul Parlamentului, Calea 13 Septembrie, Bucharest

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