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We are feeder.ro, „the alternative nation’s news agency”, a website which, for the past 12 years, has been publishing news and articles on the urban scene, alternative events, contemporary art, music, advertising, design. Now we are broadening our scope in order to expand the conversation that feeder has been maintaining with its readers and partners. We’re developing new columns to delve into Photography, Cinematography, Theatrical Arts and Contemporary Dance, as well as our traditional fields of interest, with the earnestness and enthusiasm which characterize the independent press.

In its 12 years promoting quality events and news, feeder rounded up an online network of  trendsetters and influencers, djs and promoters, along with visual artists and key figures in general who made their mark on and continue to advance Bucharest’s image.

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Concerts, parties, festivals, movie screenings, art performances – our weekly Golden Ticket contest is a fun way to win a free pass to your next unforgettable weekend. May luck and random.org be with you!

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Been there liked that is the column for the perpetually in-the-know… and the FOMO-afflicted. Follow the feeder crew on weekends, week nights & the odd lunchtime escape to sample local hotspots and review occasions for good old merriment.

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Feeder Sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide.

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E.P. is the vinyl lover’s heaven: exclusive previews, new releases, videos and track reviews are regularly lined up on feeder’s racks.

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Ubic is one of feeder’s veteran visitors and constant supporters. This fan-turned-contributor & our very own resident DJ gladly shares his latest mixes, charts, upcoming events and thought-provoking articles on electronic music, architecture and design.

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VJ VLC is our budding filmmaker and eagle eye, seemingly omnipresent, snapping experimental as well as traditional shots of Bucharest, its charming people and flamboyant cars. Flick through his photo & video reviews to relive your favourite events and stay connected to the city’s ever-changing scenery.

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OSM is more than just a review section for the high-end sneaker aficionado. It’s the place where long-standing passion meets cold analysis – and where you can discover the most wanted models from the industry’s top players.

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Meet Vio, feeder’s anime-loving editor, fun seeker and compulsive list maker. Always in the loop and never at a loss for words, she makes sure that earnest reviews, enticing recommendations and handy inventories are just a click away.

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If you haven’t joined our bubbly newsletter yet, you can still check out who made the headlines in this regular update section.

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The fittingly irregular series which takes the pulse of the science world. No lab coats, just curiosity and a knack for breaking it down into layman’s terms with an enticing twist. Experiments included.


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