Native Wolf Records is Reborn, and presents a new VA

Native Wolf Records is Reborn, and presents a new VA

We are back. We are Reborn.
This V.A. represents Native Wolf Records‘ new era with fresh sounds, telling a story with 9 tracks for the dance floor through melodies and a groove, going from the a calm place to a more psychedelic and chaotic. Bringing new names and some that already make noise in the industry, NWR is back.
All tracks are mastered by MobStudio.
Out on Native Wolf Records on January 11th 2019 with tracks by Fel C, Sam Marques, M0B, Tamietti, Vaskz, Kachas, Dudu Faustino, Yan Niklas, Meandroid.

ARTIST: Fel C, M0B, Dudu Faustino, Yan Niklas, Tamietti, Vaskz, Kachas, Ember Fran, Meandroid, Sam Marques
TITLE: Reborn V.A.
LABEL: Native Wolf Records
CAT. #: NWR020
GENRE: Melodic Techno, Progressive House, Tech House
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 11/01/2019

Words by Reach Promo


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