feeder sound 123 mixed by DR & Monde

DR & Mondé, the guys behind the Distinct Manchester brand which has booked Mihai Pol, TIJN, Dan Farserelli, Fabe to name a few, are the guests for the latest episode of feeder sound.

Distinct Manchester is providing house & techno podcasts and intimate shindigs in distinctly unique spaces in and around Manchester. Besides organizing parties, the guys are producing some lovely music as well: Celestial Bodies, their debut EP together, is in a pretty good place right now.

DR & Monde deliver here a very carefully crafted deep affair full of minimal techno vibes. The strong bass line starts to carry a more dance floor oriented approach as we arrive at the 30-minute mark and you can observe a nice and gradual change in rhythm. Hit play to make this rainy afternoon better.

feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud
DR: facebook // soundcloud
Monde: facebook

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