vineri 28: dj gojira
Sambata 29: dj ali
vineri 5: marika + n-eatgroove
sambata 6: dj bela
vineri 12: haute culture + corruptdream
sambata 13: dj said
vineri 19: ubic & co
sambata 20: dj latam + friends

  1. Anonymous 11 years ago

    Gojira cat te-am injurat in cetatea brasov la plump dj’s, nu mai plecai odata sa intra Suie Paparude, in rest totul O.k. :))

  2. gojira 13 years ago

    mie imi plac bajetii care semneaza cate o anonima ca sa poa sa dea bombe

  3. Anonymous 13 years ago

    gojira… dj cu experientza?
    de cand?

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